Wedding Log: Sara & Robbie

Sara and Robbie

Sara & Robbie lead the Recessional as they walk under clear umbrellas.
Photo credit: Joselynn Finch Photography

This outdoor wedding took us 113 miles north of Anchorage into the small town of Talkeetna. This town is known for flight seeing tours around North America’s tallest peak, Mt. McKinley aka Denali. The wedding venue was the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge where its back deck provides a panoramic view of the Denali Mountain range. The sky had a flat ceiling of clouds and the temperature was around 60 degrees. The back deck was the location of today’s wedding ceremony.

The processional was planned to start at 3pm. With the weather in mind, we needed to make the decision to have the lodge’s staff set the ceremony chairs for an expected amounted of 125 guests by 2pm. At 2pm, the bride decided to have it on the uncovered deck. I had also setup my ceremony equipment that consisted of Bose speakers, DJ setup, and 3 wireless microphones.  We were ready to go at 2:30.

It is a normal practice of mine to start the Prelude music 30 minutes prior to the processional. The Prelude is the time where your guests are arriving and they are finding their seats to prepare for the start of the processional. The processional is the official start of the ceremony. All the guests were gathered comfortably in the lodge’s great room and I felt that the weather was a little too cold to invite them out at 2:30; I was going to wait until 2:45. The clock was at 2:40 and raindrops started to fall onto all the chairs. I immediately protected my speakers with plastic bags as I called the bride by phone. I informed her of the bad weather and recommended to move the ceremony. She agreed and we were both aware that a standing ceremony was about to go down.

Sara and Robbie Standing

Last minute standing ceremony
Photo credit: ONDAGO DJ Entertainment

With a moments notice, I went into the lodge and informed all the guests of the new location. The reception was also located here and I already had a main sound system setup. We had to work fast to move the ceremony microphones to the reception sound system. I had one lapel microphone for Mikey, the couple’s friend and officiator of the ceremony, one for the groom to pick up their vows, and one microphone on a stand for the readings. After the guests arrived and gathered together under the pavilion, I had to create an aisle for the bridal party to walk through and asked for everyone to part like the red sea. We started at 3:05 and my first standing ceremony was smooth success. It’s always a good idea to have a back up plan for any outdoor ceremony.

During the dance session, a popular track of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I know it” was requested and I had the approval of the bride to play it. I played the song and worked on preparing the next track. I then hear a commotion on the dance floor and look up to see the person who requested the song had an agenda of his own. He stripped down and danced in his speedos, emulating LMFAO’s music video to the song. To add to the madness, he had a hole in the back end of his speedos and was not aware as guests were pointing it out. The speedo dancer immediately ran off the dance floor after he also noticed wardrobe malfunction. I made sure to the get the attention of the wedding photographer to capture this moment. It was hilarious!


Surprise dance number to LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know it’
Photo credit: Joselynn Finch Photography

“It was a fun moment that I almost missed! You did an amazing DJ Job for this event! You kept the energy moving through the entire evening!!”

-Joselynn Finch, Photographer


John was wonderful to work with! He made sure everything ran smoothly and kept us on “schedule” with our reception timeline. He made great music choices and we had many guests compliment us on our DJ! John was very accommodating and met with us multiple times. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ in our area.”

-Sara McSheehy, Bride