Wedding Idea: No Photos, please…

I had a recent conversation with a local professional photographer, Josh Martinez with Chugach Peaks Photography about the reality of cellphones today. They are no longer just phones, but tools that capture photos and video. He was expressing the challenge that can arise when you have guests using lifting up their phones for a photo and even getting out of their seats to get a better angle. This can obstacle can obstruct the shot of the hired photographer or videographer as they focus on the bride walking down the aisle from a distance.

Prior to the ceremony, we politely remind guests to please “place their cellphones on silent”, but now it may change to add the phrase “and please do not take any photos or video during the ceremony.” Mostly, this is a real challenge during the ceremony and not so much for the fun reception. We, as DJs make sure that the photographer is ready and their prime position before we make the announcement fork the cutting of the cake.

During our planning meeting with our wedding couples, we bring up these questions to decide whether or not they would like us or their wedding officiant to make these requests. Its the small things that can make a big difference. We will do whatever it takes to help out our fellow photographers and videographers in making sure they can do their jobs for the client.

Below is a video from Sabrina Rodriguez show called “Don’t Be That Guy” at KTXL FOX40

Don’t be that guy from Love Genre Films on Vimeo.