DJ, Sound & Lighting


DJ Systems

We are definitely in the digital age for event DJing.  As a DJ that interacts with guests and happily takes requests, it is important to be able to access our song library with speed.  Our DJ setups include a powerful MacBook Pro with Serato software.  Our hardware can differ from the use of actual turntables with time-coded vinyl or the popular digital turntables like the Pioneer DDJ setups.  We use SHURE branded microphones for clear vocal projection.  These are the new tools for today’s Disc jockeys.


Our library consists of over 130,000+ high-quality, digitally recorded tracks that have been legally obtained through professional DJ music subscriptions and actual album purchases.  Our massive library includes today’s hottest hits and oldies, but goodies of yesterday. We carry clean edits for songs with questionable lyrics

Sound Systems

We use professional grade sound reinforcement to provide our clients with great quality sound.  Many Alaskan venues are different in size and acoustics, so we use our expertise in knowing what sounds good.  Our equipment is kept in new condition and stays protected in specifically designed cases. We have the perfect array of speakers for any venue. As equipment failure is rare, we always have a back up plan as the show must go on!

  • BOSE Model 812 with F1 Subwoofer (4000 watts)
  • BOSE L1 Model II – provides a wide 180° of even sound coverage
  • BOSE L1 Compact Sound System – used for satellite and ceremonies
  • JBL SRX 835/SRX 828 – (16,000 watts) – proms and large corporate events

Monogram Light Projection

Create beauty, elegance, and a unique look to your event with a custom-made light projection! You can display your wedding monogram, company name, or almost anything to appear on almost any surface.


Architectural Lighting Design

If you believe your venue needs a little help or want to transform your room, allow us to add a palette of color to highlight pillars and walls.


Do you have a presentation or slideshow that you would like to present to your guests? We can help provide projectors, screens, and large video displays to help engage with your guests.

Event pricing for lighting design, effects, and audio-visual needs are based on room dimensions, ceiling height, trussing requirements, labor, and overall type and number of fixtures required to achieve the level of “WOW” the client is expecting.

Atmospheric fixtures such as haze machine, fog machine, and bubble machines available and requires approval from venue for use.

Contact us today to discuss design and pricing.