Back Drops, Drapes, Enclosures

Pillow Case Styled Back Drops

Our 8’x8′ backdrops provide a tight fitting look. Our collection includes themed designs and solid colors to work with your theme. Some designs are pictured below. The self-standing frame is a little under 8′.

For an additional cost and enough lead time (10 business days), we can actually have your design printed on the back drop. This is great tool for corporate events that want to use their company logos and use ONDAGO DJ Entertainment on a regular basis.

Curtain Styled Back Drops

If you are looking for a backdrop that exceeds 8′ wide, the curtain back drop is probably the way to go. Curtain back drops work best indoors as they do not work well in the wind. The image below is an example of our small gold sequin curtain. Our curtain back drop inventory is always growing, let us know what you have in mind for your event and we’ll let you know if we can make it happen.

Gold sequin drape - ONDAGO DJ Entertainment

Inflatable Cube and Canopy Enclosures

Our most popular fully enclosed booth is our inflatable cube which has built-in colored LEDs that light up the walls. It has a foot print of 9’x9′ and is exactly 8′ tall. This enclosure allows for up to 16 people to fit in the booth, maybe even more. Unfortunately, we have yet to provide any custom back drops in this booth.

The other enclosure that we have is a fully enclosed flat top canopy design. It has a foot print of 5’x5′. It can probably fit up 5 people comfortably in the booth. The client may choose the back drop design or color for the back wall of the booth.