So, you are thinking about the needs and wants for your upcoming event. We have created a list of services to help make it easier to understand how we can help with your event.

Professional Sound Systems
Dance Floor Lighting & Effects
Audio-Video Services
Photo Booth

This is our greatest asset. Our music selection includes a wide variety of the hottest hits of today and the oldies of yesterday. We obtain the majority of our music from professional DJ subscription services that provide us with music that is about to release to the public. That means we normally have that new song that you just heard on the radio weeks before it is released to the public. Our experience allows us to choose the perfect song for the perfect moment during your event and use mixing skills to properly present the song to you. During most events, we have a very high success rate with song requests. Our massive library includes over 100,000 tracks and over 10,000 music videos. We also include many radio edits for some of today’s music. Along with the subscriptions, we support the industry and also purchase complete albums, too!

It is very important for a DJ to stay up to date with today’s top music selections. Here are some links to what’s hot on today’s weekly music charts.

  • HOT 100 – Most popular current songs across all genres
  • Pop Songs – Hottest pop songs, ranked by mainstream top 40 radio
  • Adult-Contemporary – Most popular soft rock songs, ranked by radio
  • Rock – Most popular current alternative, mainstream rock and triple A songs
  • Country Songs – Most popular country songs, ranked by radio
  • Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs – Most popular current R&B/hip-hop songs, ranked by radio
  • Dance/Club – Songs played in dance clubs, compiled from a national sample of club DJs

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We use reliable professional grade equipment to provide our clients with quality sound. We use Pioneer Pro DJ tools to keep our hands in control of every aspect of the music. Our line of sound reinforcement consists of a combination of highly evolved JBL branded loudspeakers or the state of the art Bose sound systems. Our equipment is in new condition and we have enough sound for any event in South Central Alaska. Although, equipment failure is rare, we make sure the music keeps playing.

We can elevate your event to the next level with our highly advanced lighting setups. Clients often underestimate the importance of lighting, but we know how good lighting can raise the par of your event. Whether you need ambient up lighting or a full scale nightclub effect, we can create an atmosphere that will amaze your guests. Our fixtures can fade, color change, strobe, and move to the beat of the music.


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Professional Sound Systems


      DJ Equipment – We pride ourselves in using actual professional DJ equipment to allow us to mix our music compared to auto-mixing laptops that the competition prefers to use. We prefer to keep the music in full control. We use brand names that include Pioneer, Technics, and Rane.

      Speakers – From the large-scale Dena’ina Convention Center to the more intimate Bayshore Clubhouse, we have multiple speaker system configurations to produce quality sound everywhere. Our main systems include JBL PRX Series loudspeakers and the Bose L1 Model II Systems.

      Microphones – We believe that a person’s voice can only be as good as their microphone, so we rely on high-quality, SHURE branded microphones for 99% of our events. We provide wireless hand-held and lavaliere (hands free) type microphones, along with the “just in case” wired microphones.

      Audio Mixing Boards – We use Mackie brand board mixers for events that require multiple audio sources to be mixed into a full production. We also enjoying using their state-of-the-art wireless DL series that allow us to wirelessly control the levels and adjustments of the mix. This wireless ability gives us the power and flexibility to walk around the event to ensure



      Dance Floor Lighting – Every dance floor and event type is shaped and sized differently, which means that our lighting fixtures should to. We custom design our T-stand or box trussing setups with fixtures that will give your event the best ambiance.

      Laser Effect – Lasers can be projected in a star field type pattern on walls, ceilings or the dance floor. We have them in colors of red, green, and blue.

      Hazers/Foggers – Want to double the impact of your lighting package? Add a hazer or fogger to the setup to allow for the light to be suspended in mid-air as it projects onto suspended atmoshere (this effect may not be allowed in certain venues, see your venue sales manager for more information.)

      Monogram Projection/Logo Projection – Display your company name or wedding monogram on the dance floor, wall, or ceiling at your event. This is available in single color or in full color.

      Cake Spot – Did you spend a fortune on your wedding cake and want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves? The cake spot can guarantee that your confection centerpiece is something to remember!

      Architectural Uplighting – Create a unique atmosphere and transform a room with illuminating color. We can match any color scheme

      Bubble Machine – Exactly what it says, a machine that makes thousands of bubbles. Recommended for outdoor use only.

Audio-Video Services


      Projector Screens – Do you have a presentation or slideshow to show your guests? We can provide high resolution projectors and multiple from 7’x10′ to 15’x20′

      Matrix Switcher – Do you have a presentation that requires more than one laptop to be connected to the projector? The Matrix Switcher allows for a smooth crossfade between multiple video feeds.

      55″ to 60″ LED TV Screens – Do you want to show a slideshow or video during your event? This option includes a 60 inch TV with a stand that can raise the TV up to 9 feet in height. This package does not include a video source, just the TV, stand, and dress kit.

      Digital Recordings – Allow us to record audio in 24-bit/96 kHz hi-quality digital format. This may be used for wedding vows, toasts, or interviews. Sometimes the audio may be used for a videography project where you want the best audio while being discreet.

      Laptop Sound Port – This allows us to connect your laptop’s audio output to the main sound system via cable.

      Wireless Laptop Sound Connection – This device allows us to connect your laptop’s audio output to the main sound system via wireless device.

Other Services

      Photo Booth – Unlimited high-quality instant prints, Fun themed props to encourage your guests’ creativity, optional booth attendant to ensure a great experience. Optional upgrade for photo Strip Guest Book for guests to sign next to a copy of their print (recommended for weddings and birthdays).

      Karaoke – Looking in becoming the next American Idol? Well, too bad as the show has been canceled. The next best thing is to be a pop star in front of all your friends! We have a massive library of karaoke songs that are just waiting to be sung.

Professional Sound Systems
Dance Floor Lighting & Effects
Audio-Video Services
Photo Booth