Bose L1 Model II

Sound Reinforcement Systems

We use reliable professional grade equipment to provide our clients with great quality sound. Our line of sound reinforcement consists of a couple different systems that include the highly evolved JBL branded sound systems and the most current Bose L1 sound systems. Like the original, award-winning Bose L1 loudspeaker system, this Model II sound system is an all-in-one innovation that replaces conventional monitors, mixers and PA speakers. The system’s breakthrough loudspeaker produces wide, uniform sound coverage of nearly 180 degrees—onstage and throughout an audience of up to several hundred—with little dropoff in volume and tone. For a more intimate setting, we also carry the Bose L1 Compacts. All of our sound equipment is kept in new condition and stays protected in specifically designed cases and covers. We have the perfect array of speakers for any venue in Alaska. Whether its built into the system or in our vehicle, we always have a back up plan to ensure the show goes on.


Wireless Digital Mixing

We’ve gone wireless! we can maintain a perfect sound level and microphone level mix on the dance floor or anywhere in the room. It has been a blessing to utilize the Mackie DL series mixers to allow us to walk the room and adjust levels from where the audience will be standing, sitting, or dancing! Although, we carry the newest stuff, we still value our conventional analog Mackie mixers for events that may not require wireless mixing. Maintaining a balance of multiple inputs makes for an enjoyable experience.


Crystal Clear Wireless Microphones

We mainly use wireless microphones, this includes our backup microphone to also be wireless. Wired microphones are a thing of the past, but are a blessing to have when working with bands on a stage. The types of wireless microphones include handheld and lavaliere/lapel styles. We believe that a speech can only be good as the microphone will allow. We trust in high-quality SHURE branded microphones for ourselves and for our clients!

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