Shoe Game

Wedding Photo of the Shoe Game

The shoe game is a fun way to find out who knows who best

The shoe game is also known as the newlywed game. It’s a fun game that tests the couple’s knowledge about one another. We first invite them to the dance floor where we have two chairs back-to-back. If we are using shoes, we may ask for the assistance from the maid of honor and best man for the removal. The bride and groom will each have one bride shoe in one hand and one groom shoe in the other. Instead of shoes, the DJ can also provide the couple with rubber duckies that signify a bride and groom.

The game consists of an average of twenty ‘closed ended’ questions that shares a little more about the couple’s roles in their relationship. Example questions may include, “Who said the words, I Love You first?”, “Who is the better cook?”, “Who is the better driver?” The couple may answer with either “the bride” or “the groom” by raising the corresponding shoe or rubber ducky that signifies the bride or groom. Our goal is to ask somewhat challenging questions while keeping it appropriate for a wedding. Instead of just using generic questions, we take it a step further and ask close friends and family to submit some of their own questions. Overall, the shoe game lasts about five minutes and usually includes a lot of laughter from family and guests.

Here’s an example video from YouTube:

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