Wedding Ceremony

Are you getting married outdoors? Are you inviting more than 60 people to your wedding? Is your ceremony location near a busy road, an airport, a rushing river or creek, or will it possibly be a windy day with rustling trees about? If yes, then we’ve got a ceremony sound setup just for you.

Our Ceremony Sound Setup Package includes the following:

    • Ceremony Sound System – An appropriately sized sound system recommended for up to 250 guests. Our system incorporates a Bose L1 Compact sound system for equal sound dispersion and a discreet look.
    • Two Wireless Lavaliere-Style Microphones – Discreet lapel clipped These are normally placed on the officiate and groom. The microphones’ omni-directional pickup pattern allows for the bride to also be heard.
    • One Wireless Hand-held Microphone – This microphone is great for vocalists, musician, or a reader during the ceremony.  It may be placed on a microphone stand for hands-free use.

With every wedding, we help to create a detailed agenda that allows our clients feel at ease in understanding the flow of events. The agenda includes details provided by the client via our online planning forms and in-person meetings. We can help with suggesting songs for your ceremony or suggestions on how the entire party will walk down the aisle, whether it may be when to walk next, how to carry a bouquet, which arm does the escort offer to the lady, etc. Our agendas are an essential tool to help during your rehearsal.

Due to high demand for our DJ service, we cannot book our calendar for a 1-hour rehearsal.  Our ceremony rehearsal attendance is based on our availability and the location of the rehearsal itself.  If our schedule permits, we’ll be there at no additional cost.

Ceremony Music Programming

Choosing songs for your wedding ceremony can be a challenge. We recommend to choose music that creates an inviting ambiance that fits your surroundings. If you are in the woods and looking for a rustic feel, you may want a more home-grown, acoustic folk-style guitar feel, a church may include a piano, harp or classical pieces of music, and an outdoor garden may be complimented with a string quartet or harp. Whatever you decide, we recommend to keep it to a similiar style as if you had a musician there playing for your guests.

Below is a short list of events during a wedding ceremony breakdown to wedding ceremony music.

Prelude – 15 to 30 minutes of music as your guests arrive and find their seats as they await the start of the processional. This is also a time where the officiate may take their place at the head of the ceremony.

Ushering of Mothers – A song to allow for mothers and/or grandmothers to be escorted to their seats. This song may be faded out after the last mother has been seated. The bride’s mother is traditionally seated last.

Bridal Party Processional – A song that is long enough for the entire bridal party, ring bearer(s), and flower girl(s) to walk down the aisle, this may include the bridesmaids walking alone or to be escorted by a groomsman. The song may be faded out after the flower girl or last person is in place.

Bride’s Processional – The song that a bride may have chosen since she was a little girl. This song may help in deciding the style (genre) of all the other types of music played within the ceremony. The bride walks down the aisle to this song.

Interlude – An instrumental song within the ceremony that is played during a special tradition: unity candle lighting, sand ceremony, Chinese tea ceremony, Scottish hand-fasting, etc. This song is briefly played during or after the officiate/pastor explains are doing for the tradition.

Recessional – This one song is normally an upbeat, celebratory song that concludes the ceremony. The bride and groom, and entire bridal party recesses from the head of the ceremony. The style of this song does not have to fit the rest of the music in the ceremony.

Postlude – Guests will recess and head to the reception. This last song is played for any remaining guests at the ceremony location.

Wedding Ceremony Music Suggestions

Modern Covers by Guitar/Ukulele – Instrumental

Guitar Dreamers
Acoustic Guitar Guy
Jake Shimabukuro (ukelele)

Modern Covers by String Quartet – Instrumental

Silverlake String Quartet
Vitamin String Quartet

Daniel Jang

Modern Covers by Piano – Instrumental

The Piano Guys
Christopher West (Country)


A suggested artist for classical music may include The O’Neill Brothers.

Air (from Water Music Suite) – George Handel
Bridal Chorus (from Lohengrin) – Richard Wagner
Procession of Joy – Hal Hopson
Rigaudon – Andre Campra
Spring (from The Four Seasons) – Antonio Vivaldi
Te Deum – Marc-Antoine Charpentier
The Prince of Denmark’s March – Jeremiah Clarke
Trumpet Tune – Henry Purcell
Trumpet Voluntary – Jeremiah Clarke or John Stanley
Wedding March” (from The Marriage of Figaro) – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart