Weddings – Centerpiece Give Away

So, you’ve spent lots of money on your beautiful centerpieces.  Centerpieces are sometimes given to guests as a gift or prize.  Sometimes they cannot be given away as they may have been rented or probably the property of your wedding planner or venue.  You may not want to give them away if the majority of your guests have flown in to attend your wedding, as they probably wouldn’t want to pack something fragile into their luggage.  In the case of you wanting to give them away, we have some fun ideas on how to give them as gifts or prizes. Some ideas include:

-Closest birthday to today’s wedding day – Your wedding DJ will announce this and guests will figure it out them selves.

-Pass the Napkin or Token – Very similar to hot potato, everyone will pass it around the tables and whoever has it when the DJ says stop is out.  We continue until we have winners at each table.

-Sticker under the chair or plate – You can place a certain colored sticker under a chair or maybe under their plate for if the tables are preset with plates.

-The Story – This requires a token of some sort to be passed to the left or right, depending what is heard in the story.  The story may go like this: (Bride) LEFT her house and was on her way to the church for the wedding. But about halfway there, as she turned LEFT, she remembered that she LEFT her wedding dress at home, RIGHT by the door! She knew RIGHT away that she had to turn around and go RIGHT back to get her dress. So she turned RIGHT, then LEFT and LEFT again, turning RIGHT into her driveway. Sure enough, there it was, RIGHT where she had LEFT it, RIGHT next to the door. Finally, she was on the RIGHT track. When she arrived at the church, she realized that she only had 1 hour LEFT before the wedding and she still had her hair and make-up LEFT to do. So she went RIGHT to work and finished with time LEFT to spare.  Well the wedding was beautiful-the ceremony was just RIGHT and nothing was LEFT out. At the reception, (Groom) surprised (Bride) with a beautiful gift. She was so happy that she teared RIGHT up! Off on their honeymoon they LEFT! Of course, it wouldn’t be RIGHT to say where they went. So, now there’s nothing LEFT to say except enjoy the evening/afternoon. Just for fun though, pass once more to the left. Now see, that was fun! Right?